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Bruderherz Restaurant

Great food, amazing beer, and a truly cozy atmosphere.

Reviving traditional, home-made style dishes from regional cuisine with slight fresh twists.


Potatoe foam soup with bacon stripes
Goulash soup with toasted bread
Small mixed salad
Morlock – Salad with beetroot, beef fillet, walnut, apple and orange dressing
Behaim – Salad with avocado, turkey breast, mango and orange dressing
Klara – Salad with grilled vegetables, olive, onion, salad rocket, feta-cheese and house dressing
Fresh beef steak tartare with cucumber, capers, onions and bread
"Obazda" - bavarian spiced cheese spread with radishes, prezel sticks, onions and bread
Bavarian sausage salad with onion, gherkin and bread
Afternoon snack - "Obazda", cheese, sausage and cold roast(for 1 or 2 persons)
Two fried saussages, served with sauerkraut, bread and mustard
Pork`s shoulder crispy fried, with beer sauce and potato dumplings
Homemade meetballs with mashed potatoes and gravy
Schnitzel „Viennese style“ (from pork) with chips and ketchup
Schnitzel from calf with fried potatos and cranberries sauce
Onion roast with fried potatoes, fried onions and onion sauce
Game stew with homemade napkin dumplings and sauce
Juicy Ox Burger with apple, beetroot, onion tomato and chips
Cheese spaetzle with roasted onion and small salad
Tyrolean Gröstl with egg, onion and small salad
Hazelnut (...)
Vegetarian Schnitzel (made of celery) with fried potatos and small mixed salad
"Kaiserschmarrn" - sugared pancake with raisins and plum roster(1 or 4 persons)
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

With livemusic

Sunday brunch

We serve warm and cold kitchen delicacies at the brunch buffet. Live music is played during the following brunch Sundays between 10am – 2pm:

02.06.2019 Sunday brunch

Reservations: +49 (0) 911 / 216 50 10 or under

Breakfast menu

White Sausage Breakfast
A pair of White Sausages with Pretzel and Sweet Mustard
Fitness Breakfast
Cheese, Cold Cuts, Yoghurt, Fruit Salad, Bircher Muesli, Butter and a glass of Orange Juice
Breakfast Delight
Scrambled Eggs, Yoghurt, Fruit Salad, Honey, Jam, and Butter
Simple and Tasty
Jam, Honey, Butter, Cheese, and Cold Cuts
Bruderherz Breakfast
Fruit Salad, Yoghurt, Jam, Honey, Butter, Scrambled Eggs, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Orange Juice, and 2 glasses of Prosecco
(for 2 persons)
Vitality Breakfast
Avocado salad, Smoothie, Cream Cheese, Scrambled Eggs, and Fruit
Strammer Max
Bread with Butter, Spring Onions, Ham, and Fried Egg
Nutritious Breakfast
Avocado Bread, Fried Egg, and Orange Juice
Sweet Little Thing
Honey, Jam, Butter, Fruit Salad, Yoghurt
Omelet Galore
Omelet, Bacon, Tomato, Onions, Grilled Vegetables, Cheese
Any breakfast other than the White Sausage Breakfast includes a basket of bread
A pair of White Sausages
Cold Cuts
Bircher Muesli
Cream Cheese
Fruit Salad
Scrambled Eggs
Fried Egg
Boiled Egg


Luitpoldstraße 15
90402 Nürnberg

Opening times

Restaurant and bar:
08:00 – 0:00am
Hotel: 24/7